Проекты / «Томск. Взгляд с другой стороны Земли»

Tomsk. A View from the Other Side of the Earth

Tomsk is a university city. Its higher educational institutions are popular among students in Russia and other countries. The problem of settling down in another city for foreign students is multiplied by the problem of adapting to a foreign culture, the need to learn the Russian language. It takes not only the efforts of international students to make this process go off without a hitch.
To make the time of study in Tomsk not only useful, but also enjoyable, the hosts should know and understand their guests. After all, for the duration of their studies, these guys become Tomsk citizens, our neighbors. Our friends.
Tomsk Polytechnic University and Tomsk Regional Museum of Local Lore have conceived the “Tomsk. A View from the Other Side of the Earth” project in order to help cultural institutions understand the interests and needs of international students. In fact, museums and libraries are the most important entry points to the culture and history of a certain place.
Our goal is to find a language for dialogue with foreigners from Tomsk, to show them the beauty of the city, to reveal its history.